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Gadzooks! (9/2/2014) - Gadzooks! Enchiladas and Soup is a new place that I keep seeing mentioned on all the best-foods-in-Phoenix type lists. I feel the personal responsibility to vet a taco place that’s earning such kudos. Being in the Holy Taco Church carries onerous burdens sometimes. Gadzooks is in downtown Phoenix, located catty-corner from the acclaimed Taco Guild […]
Make Me An Instrument of Your Easy Deliciousness (8/27/2014) - So I love to entertain. I always fantasized about having an enormous round table where I would serve people tons of food and we’d sit around it and we’d drink and we’d laaaaaaugh. And I’ve been lucky to have made that dream into a reality. But the thing is, I hate the stress of cooking […]
Pan De Plátano (8/26/2014) - Como esta, mi rebaño, this is the French Friar. Today, we are going to talk about plátanos, and no, I’m not talking about that village in Greece, nor is it a Dominican dude, nor is it this sort of Asian person (I get that a lot). The French Friar is going to bring forth banana […]
Taco – a story (8/21/2014) - This month I’m digging into my archives to bring you a piece of flash fiction set at Tito’s Tacos, an eatery you may recall from Presbyter of Peyote Stephen Blackmoore’s vivid review. The following originally appeared on my website and was then podcast on PodCastle. Taco “Hey, tell me, this look like Jesus to you?” I come to […]
Tortilla Soup (8/20/2014) - Now that we’re in the last slow slide of summer days, it’s time to start thinking about soup. Like the holy taco, soup is a malleable miracle food. You can turn almost anything into a soup, and with the days about the grow longer and the air about to chill, it’s the perfect sort of […]
Holy Beef Empanadas (8/19/2014) - Hello and good morning to you, my Holy Taco Church friends! For today’s recipe I’ve gone all the way to my Argentinian sister-in-law to discover how she makes her amazing beef empanadas. The last time I had these was while watching Argentina in the World Cup (a moment of silence for their loss), and they […]
In Which Tequila Made Leanna (think she was a) Genius. (8/14/2014) - Hello Tacophiles. Your resident Goth and Gothic Historical Fantasy novelist Leanna Renee Hieber here. As this is a blog not only about delicious noms and refreshments but about books, you’ll be hearing a lot about my upcoming Gaslamp Fantasy saga The Eterna Files, books that are currently the spooky darlings of my dark, weird heart. […]
Lazy Tacos; or, How I Learned to Fake It and Embrace the Lazy (8/13/2014) - Hello, tacoflock! Let’s get right down to it, shall we? I know I promised you a how-to last month, but the how-to involves consuming food and me and food are currently banned from communicating by the lawyers. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll all work out—the jerk just wants more than rightfully it owns and I’ll be damned […]
How to Throw an EPIC Book Launch Party. Hint: CAKE and BOOZE factor prominently. (8/12/2014) - Last Friday night was my fourth book launch party, this time celebrating my YA hardcover debut, SERVANTS OF THE STORM. Photo by Mike Wyner of Silver Dragon Photography.   Now, I’m an introvert who spends most days at my laptop in my Captain America pajama pants, but I *ADORE* book launch parties, in part because […]
Ade’s Mexican Deli (Everett, WA) (8/11/2014) - I’ve been on something of a quest since moving from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA.   You see, us folk from SoCal are spoiled. Our proximity to the border means great Mexican food is not only plentiful but cheap, too. Now, Seattle is not exactly a small po-dunk town. In fact its virtually identical […]
The Empeachening (Grilled Peaches) (8/7/2014) - The bounty of summer is upon us, and that means peaches. So many peaches. So, so many peaches. I am a fool and an optimist, and so I sign up for a farm share most years. The theory is sound: pony up some cash up front, and then receive a box full of what’s in […]
Sausage And Kale Just Had A Baby In Your Soup Bowl (8/6/2014) - Kale is a hearty sonofabitch. It’s a bitey, tough, angry green — it’s all Russian and hale and it’ll run through your colon like a wire brush. It’s also a cannonball of nutrients blasting through your whole body, so it’s a damn fine green to eat. But it’s not an easy beast to tame. Yeah, […]
Spicy Chocolate Brownies Make Everything Better (8/5/2014) - Let it be known that my recipe repertoire consists of more than churros. I’m in some personal need of chocolate therapy right now. My debut novel The Clockwork Dagger comes out next month on the 16th, plus my revision letter for the sequel just arrived with a due date of the end of August. I […]
The Easiest Recipe Since My Bottled Margaritas: Mexican Hot Cocoa Brownies (8/5/2014) - Well, of COURSE the Tacopope would post about Tequila Hot Chocolate right before I’d planned on posting this kickass brownie recipe. Because the Tacopope knows all and eats all and punishes all with tequila. But I have more good news! This recipe is easy. Like, super easy. Babytown frolics easy. And you probably have everything […]
Tobacco-infused Tequila Hot Chocolate (8/4/2014) - Warning: This is not something you whip up when you’re thirsty. This is something you whip up because 1) It’s a special occasion with friends or family 2) You have the time (this takes a while) 3) You like exotic flavors 4) You like to set shit on fire This is the most awesomely complex-tasting drink […]
Food is Fuel (7/28/2014) - This deadly serious yet amusing guest post from author Myke Cole appears with the blessing of the Tacopope. Now, you all know me. I’m against fun. You think that’s a joke. You think I am kidding. Let me assure you that I am not kidding. I am deadly serious. I am have never been more serious […]
Margarita Punch: Or, What Happened to my Bottoms? (7/23/2014) - I’m not going to lie: this punch is evil. And by evil, I mean delicious. Until you’re lying on your bedroom floor naked except for one strategically placed shoe and a makeshift unicorn horn made out of a paper towel roll. In other words, it’s perfect for every occasion! Here is the recipe! Two 12-oz […]
So I Was Originally Going To Set This Shit On Fire (7/21/2014) - I love me some tiki. Part of this is the kitsch factor. But more is that I’m Hawaiian on my dad’s side and it seems sometimes like I’m related to half the Islands. I was on Kauai one time talking to some random guy and it turns out he’s like a cousin three times removed […]
How to Get a Fish Taco at Pacific Beach Fish Shop (7/17/2014) - San Diego is mostly known for fish tacos, but they’re certainly not our only local cuisine of note. There’s also the California burrito, carne asada fries, and a really excellent and vibrant craft beer culture. But the fish tacos are kinda the THING around here. Your options for fish tacos include taco shops, taco trucks, seafood restaurants, and combination […]
Hot Jam! (7/16/2014) - Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite recipes. My Hot Jam! is awesome for a lot of reasons. First, it’s both spicy and sweet, which makes your mouth happy. Second, it’s pretty easy to make, but when you give it to people as gifts they think you’re a culinary wizard. Third, it’s cheap […]

Church Authors


Writing books is hungry work—ask any author who needs to eat. And in the middle of a 5K-word sprint you can get such a hankering for tacos and margaritas that it becomes a religious experience. Revelations can occur. Passages of holy writ just happen. Like this one from the Taco Bible:

from The Taco Bible, Book of Ingredients


Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.35.27 PM


 Are you a real church?

We are not a church in the tax-exempt sense; we don’t have a choir, organist, or a guilt trip to lay on you, and our altar is the local taco stand. But we are a fellowship of authors who like to get together and talk about stuff we love—in this case, food, drink, and books.

If I join your church will I get in trouble with the one I’m already in?

We really doubt it. For one thing, we’re not going to tell anybody. For another, the Tacolord and Margarita of the Salted Rim don’t require your faith or your worship—they are going to do their thing regardless—so you don’t have to worry about making your current god(s) jealous.

What does the Holy Taco Church think of LGBT marriage?

We hope we’re invited to the wedding and there will be tacos and margaritas at the reception. And churro cupcakes with candied bacon on top. Aww yeah. Because love is rad, people, and we’re all in the same tortilla together.

What is your stance on burritos/tapas/enchiladas/churros/beer/anything else at all? Aren’t they superior foods/beverages?

We like them very much and consume them often. We are not the sort of people to say ours is the one true way or pick a fight over what tastes best. We think you should put whatever you want in your taco, you know? The only thing we fight about is whose turn it is to be the designated driver. Because we ALWAYS need a designated driver even though we all want tasty beverages. Seriously, friends: You gotta be responsible when chilling with Lady Margarita.

How does the Holy Taco Church believe the world was created?

Fuck if we know, we weren’t there. But we’re here now and it’s Taco Tuesday! Or it will be in 1-6 days! We’re going out for the cochinita pibil.





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  • Fill Your Taco With Love

    Here in the Holy Taco Church we are fond of looking at our lives like a taco. When the teeth of the Tacolord crunch down and he eats you (as he eats everything in the universe), will your taco—that is to say, your life— be delicious? How can you make sure that it is? There’s an easy […]

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